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gan zhou (jiangxi) china railway express carried crt reefer container to moscow !

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on the morning of august 2nd 2018, one china railway express train composed of 41 containers in nan kang railway station of jiangxi province has started slowly in the whistle and left for the final destination: moscow, the capital city of russia, which is about 10,000 kilometers away from the departure city. unlike usual, this railway express was equipped with the bright white crt 45-feet reefer container reflecting the sunshine, particularly eye-catching in the scorching weather.

“ganzhou-moscow”china railway express departed from nan kang railway station

the reefer container carried fresh color peppers

interior of crt reefer container

in less than 5 days, the “ganzhou-moscow” china railway express reached the manchuria land port of china. a series of operation procedures including customs transit & clearance, equipment refueling, container marshalling were successfully completed here within 3 days. subsequently these containers would be reloaded and transferred to moscow via siberian railway.

at the zabaikalsk port of russia, the crt reefer container was refueling.


reefer container reloading

at 10:00 am august 18th, after the whole trip of 16 days, “ ganzhou-moscow” china railway express successfully arrived at the vorsino railway station of moscow. the unloading and distribution procedures started accordingly. meanwhile some additional crt reefer containers loaded with fresh goods were leaving for moscow via the“ganzhou-moscow”china railway express.

open-package inspection after train arrival

each kind of goods has its favorite temperature and inseparable guardian.

with the development of transportation equipment technology, railway reefer container is receiving more and more attention in cross-border railway freight transportation. temperature control cargos, including fruits, vegetables and frozen products etc., have comparatively high requirements on environmental temperature control and temperature steadiness in rail transport process. through the continuous integration and improvement of both technology and operation, the above-mentioned requirement has been gradually fully satisfied.

it is no longer a fresh news to transport the temperature-control goods to and from eurasian continent through china railway express.

the only description deserved as “fresh” is just the goods been continuously kept well in the reefer container after a long journey.

there is a demand, there will be a solution.

at present, the transport objects in the cold-chain market are mainly divided into 3 categories: fresh products, processed foods and pharmaceuticals/electronics. the vegetables/fruits are classified into the fresh products which is deemed as the most difficult to retain freshness in rai transport process. the accuracy of temperature control and continuous stability are sternly required.

reefer containers which belong to the capital-intensive equipment usually contain complex technologies of mobile refrigeration and temperature control. beside these, the transportation management of reefer container is obviously featured as “multiple procedures, difficult connection, complicated operation and high risk”. the key procedures such as reefer deployment, equipment inspection at every key node on the route, coherent operation coordination, domestic & oversea reefer refueling etc. are tough and challenging, which are also be deemed as the major hard nuts to improve the timeliness of cold-chain transportation and reduce the freight loss.

in summary, the existing problems in the whole procedures of international rail cold-chain transportation have made it as one of the most challenging logistics market segment to conquer.

nowadays, with the development of rail reefer equipment technology and the continuous exploration of suppliers in the cross-border railway cold chain transportation market segment, the limitations of this market are collapsing while the market demands are gradually generating.

technical innovator of railway reefer container: crt

intro: crt is the first a-share listed company of china railway in shanghai stock exchange. as the exclusive operator of china railway tank containers, the crt capacity of specialized containers is estimated to reach 67,000 units, ranks as worldwide no. 1.

the crt 45 feet railway reefer container carried on “ganzhou-moscow”china railway express is the new type of equipment jointly developed by crt and the domestic well-known reefer container manufacturers in 2017, which is of 100% independent intellectual property rights of china. the most advanced rail reefer container in the world is equipped by dual power systems - electric and oil, which will guarantee the continuous operation for more than 280 hours after each refueling.

two categories of crt reefer container:


crt 40ft reefer container :

crt 45ft reefer container :

the exclusive market player for all cross-border transportation business of china’s railway reefer containers: shanghai tieyang (tmt)

intro: as a joint venture company of crt specializing in international multimodal transportation, shanghai tieyang multimodal transportation co., ltd. relaying on the support from crt in the resources of rail reefer container, has vigorously involved in developing international railway cold-chain transportation business since 2017.

to meet the urgent transport demand of the shipper, shanghai tieyang has speeded up the deployment of the reefer container to the originating station by coordinating relative resources. the reefer container was immediately arranged for pti detection and loaded with freight after arrival. the whole procedure was accomplished at a stretch.

meanwhile, due to the fair condition of the reefer container refueling facilities in zabaikalsk port, the total operation time spent on custom transit, equipment refueling, customs clearance and wagon marshalling is 3 days, and the whole transportation was smooth and unobstructed.

after the “ganzhou-moscow” china railway express arrived at the vorsino railway station in moscow, the overall logistics service and well-maintained goods quality were confirmed and appreciated by the relative parties. currently the shipper is entrusting shanghai tieyang to successively take charge of their rail reefer international transport business.

the total logistics service of international rail reefer transport provided by shanghai tieyang can guarantee the products quality to the utmost extent. our rail reefer project team, which has both high level of operation and rich industrial experience, is able to handle the complex situations and special cargo transportation needs in time.

the services of international railway cold-chain transportation provided by shanghai tieyang (tmt) include:

reefer pti testing in domestic & oversea areas;

assistance on reefer & rail wagon marshalling;

coordination of on-site-cargo loading;

help on rail bill clearing, customs declaration and document preparation;

real-time monitor & assistance on refueling in domestic & oversea areas;

coordination of border and destination station;


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