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industry solutions large-scale equipment

the transportation of large-scale equipment belongs to the category of over-sized cargo transportation. the unconventional super-heavy vehicles are usually used to carry the over-limited cargoes on the road transportation.

at least one of the following conditions should be met with when defining the general over-sized cargos

cargos with the length of or more than 16 meters, or with a width of or more than 2.5 meters, or with a height of or more than 3 meters, and the single-piece/indestructible bundle goods with weight of or more than 25 tons are defined as the over-limited cargos.

under normal circumstances, the value of large-scale cargoes are comparatively high. the inconveniences caused by the over-limited cargo size and weight always exist not only in the loading/unloading process but also during the transportation, which may indicate the high risk index too. therefore the difficulty of transporting the over-limited cargos means the high requirements on the expertise and accuracy throughout the carrier’s operation. meanwhile, how to effectively prevent the accidents or effectively solve the losses caused by accidents in an efficient way is a comprehensive standards for the assessment of the carrier’s capabilities.

tmt has entered the rail & road transport market for oversized and overweight equipment since 2008. in the early period, through the full integration of the beneficial resources from all shareholders, a professional large-scale transport training system was introduced in the company, and a group of professional large-scale transport team were trained to provide the professional and powerful operational support for the customers on large-scale equipment transport services.

features of the tmt logistics solutions on large-scale equipment :

  • provide you with the "one-stop" transportation services for over-limited goods, covering all aspects of road transport including the transport route design, loading measurement, transportation permission application, port coordination, and station supervision etc.
  • a sound and clear division system on responsibility & entitlement is well-defined on the process of transportation when any emergency occurs, the legitimate rights and interests of our customers are effectively protected.
  • with the characteristics of visualized and customized transportation services, our professional operation staff can control and update the cargo tracing system in real time as to ensure the total monitor of the large-scale equipment transportation.

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