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about us company profile

shanghai tieyang multimodal transportation co., ltd. (tmt) is a cross-border multimodal transport logistics solution provider specializing in railway under the china railway container
transportation system. the company's core business includes: rail reefer & specialized container logistics, container management of china railway express, cross-border multi-modal
transportation, overweight and oversize cargo transportation, international block train & schedule train transport, cross-border sea-rail transport, international road transport and domestic
sea-rail transport.

shareholders background

shanghai tieyang multi-modal transportation co,. ltd. (tmt) is the first joint-venture company of china railway container transportation co., ltd. (crctc) and foreign investors (a.p. moller maersk). tmt’s business scope covers railway container transportation services and other multi-modal transportation service. china railway tielong, one of the major shareholders of tmt, is the first public a company in the market from the former ministry of china railway, who is the exclusive owner and operator of all railway specialized containers and also holds the management authority of tmt.

comprehensive strength

adhering to the company service concept of “integrity and reliability, customer first”, and strictly following the company hsse regulations, shanghai tieyang (tmt) is equipped by a professional international transport operation team, who has total control of every procedure on the international cross-border rail transportation process, and proper company insurance system. with the strong support of our advanced quotation system, cost control system, cargo tracing system, documentation assistance and rich truck transport experience on oversized and overweight cargoes, tmt is aiming at offering the safe, reliable, time & cost efficient multi-modal logistics solution for our customers.

service network of tmt:

established in 1996, tmt set the headquarter in shanghai and has the service network covering the domestic cities including shenzhen, ha'erbin, chongqing, guangzhou, zhengzhou, chengdu, dalian, urumqi, taiyuan, hohhot, nanning & jinan, and the oversea branches including hamburg, almaty, dostyk and tashkent. the total international multi-modal transportation network is available to guarantee our service quality.

tmt milestones

  • augusttmt obtained the authorization on developing the domestic railway logistic market of specialized container business. crt promised full support on both container resources and practical operation.
  • maytmt officially managed and operated crt branch in hamburg.
  • januarythe container management business in eu was further expanded. tmt began the cooperation with xi’an cre platform; meanwhile, the contract for chengdu cre platform was signed with the official execution date as jan 1st, 2020.
  • aprilto meet with the strategic development plan of the shareholders, tmt starts the container (including specialized containers) management service in europe
  • februarytmt becomes the exclusive market operator of international transportation business for china railway refrigerated container
  • novembertmt was formally merged into the management system of china railway tielong specialized container logistics bu
  • augustas the full logistics supplier for international transportation, tmt has assisted china railway tielong to accomplish the international reefer block train project from “nongzhong-almaty”
  • junetmt shenzhen team acquired the thank-you letter from huawei for our outstanding performance on logistics services
  • januarytmt was awarded the honor of “2016 outstanding logistics supplier” from havi
  • decembertmt was awarded the “2016 huawei annual outstanding logistics supplier”
  • januarytmt gained the honor of “outstanding rail transportation supplier” from huawei
  • novembertmt has entered the food transportation market by providing the domestic distribution service for havi/mcdonald's
  • septembertmt gained the iso9001 certificate
  • decemberthe operation of shanxi’s “chang'an” block train, which is strongly supported by the national policy of “one belt and one road”, reported by cctv 4 and cctv 13 respectively
  • novembertmt xi’an branch was awarded with the honor of “xi’an economic opening prominent contribution enterprise ” by the local government
  • maythe training on “railway transportation of oversized and overweight cargo” was held by tmt, and the corresponding transportation service started from then
  • junethe cooperation with wacker chemie ag was started by pmdi transportation project
  • februarythe transportation project of huawei was won by tmt again
  • septemberthe total transportation project of huawei was gained by tmt
  • aprilthe domestic distribution project of biocidal products served as the starting point of cooperation between syngenta and tmt
  • novemberaccording to the board resolution, the shareholders decided to increase the registered capital of tmt
  • novemberafter the deliberation of the board, china railway tielong acquired 51% shares of tmt and became the biggest share holder of the company, since then the daily management of tmt was taken over by china railway tielong
  • augustthe comprehensive cooperation with tsinghua nuctech group started with the cross border transportation business on russia and cis corridors
  • februarythe “railway bulk chemical transportation training” was held by tmt
  • maythe management team of tmt have attended the opening ceremony of railway international container block train of “north shenzhen-erlian-czech”
  • septembertmt was issued the “dangerous chemicals operating permit” by the state bureau of safe production supervision and administration
  • augustthe global chemicals giant basf started the business with china railway tielong and acted as the first contracted client of china railway tank containers
  • julythe cooperation between china railway tielong and tmt began with the start of rail reefer transportation project
  • augustmonthly block train service from shenzhen to czech was successfully operated by tmt
  • julythe annual bidding(2008-2009) of both huawei and zte were attained by tmt shenzhen
  • junetmt was ranked first for 6 months consecutively in the comprehensive assessment of shipping agents by maersk shanghai
  • aprilthe 1st cross border transportation route was opened by tmt
  • novemberthe international shipping agency qualification was attained by tmt
  • octobershanghai tieyang multi-modal transportation co,. ltd. (tmt) was awarded the honor of “key logistics enterprises promoted and supported by shanghai government”
  • septembertmt gained the operation license of chemical dangerous cargo
  • augusttmt gained the nvocc qualification in initial batch (totally 29 companies were certified)
  • julyas the general shipping agent of safmarine, tmt started the direct shipping route from china to africa
  • augusttmt started to operate the shipping routes from china to south africa, west africa, south america and north america upon getting the exclusive shipping agent qualification of safmarine shipping line
  • decemberthe class a international freight forward certificate was issued to tmt by the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation
  • novemberthe import/export volume was increased by 50% after the joint efforts on northeast market exploitation made by dalian container terminal, former shenyang/haerbin railway bureaus and tmt.
  • marchthe multimodal transport permit was issued to shanghai tieyang multi-modal transportation co,. ltd. (tmt) as the 1st batch by former ministry of railway and ministry of transportation.
  • januaryshanghai tieyang multi-modal transportation co,. ltd. (tmt) was set up. the joint investment was accomplished by china railway container transportation co.,ltd.,the crct shanghai branch and maersk group.
  • maythe 1st china domestic sea-rail block train between shanghai-nanjing was operated by shanghai pan-ocean multimodal transport consulting co., ltd., 7 shipping lines were involved in the operation.
  • julythe shanghai pan-ocean multimodal transport consulting co., ltd. (the predecessor of shanghai tieyang multi-modal transportation co,. ltd.) was set up.

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