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in the new situation, how to comply with the international trend and do a good job of green logistics is a common problem faced by all logistics service providers. as far as the sustainable development and green logistics management concepts are concerned, there is still a big gap between the domestic chemical logistics provider and their front runner from the developed countries, obviously there is still room for improvement in reverse logistics and emergency response mechanisms. chemical products have various categories and types, and the cargo packaging are also of great difference. the potential risks on chemicals transportation accidents and environmental pollution during transport process still rank high at present.

  • “safety first“ as tmt priority:

    to keep in line with the specific standards on chemicals transportation requirements, tmt has set up a strict sop system covering the whole transport process on hsse aspects and have the experienced operation team in place. meanwhile the hsse policy refers to “health, safety, security and environment” was adopted and executed in tmt management system, a series of management measures have been taken in order to continuously improve the effect of the unified management and operation. we pay great attention to our contribution on the positive social effects and harmonious development. the ultimate goal of the company is "let security exist in everyone, every moment, every place." adhering to the “safety first" concept, we deliver the chemical product transportation services based on the standards set by international and government regulations. we solemnly promise to maintain a professional understanding of chemical logistics transportation and will implement it by ourselves.

  • exclusive customized service: :

    regardless of the form of chemical products, tmt promises to ultimately achieve the goal of safe transportation with supports from our professional industry knowledge and technical guidelines in a wide range. according to the characteristics of chemical products, tmt team will evaluate and estimate the possible conditions according to the standards and requirements in the transportation process, and customize the personalized chemical transportation solutions for the customers. at the same time, in combination with the specialized container resources from our shareholder crt, tmt also provides the customers with high-quality integrated logistics services based on multimodal transportation.

  • high professionalism with complete qualification:

    been issued with the hazardous chemicals operation license, tmt also strictly carries out our operation for hazardous chemical products in accordance with international iso9001 standards. after the long-term transportation practices, quality inspections, personnel training, and operational management practices, tmt not only has high professionalism and reliability in the transportation of chemical products, but also does its utmost to ensure the efficiency of customer transportation and assists customers in controlling their overall logistics costs.

  • discreetness on operation & management:

    strictly obeying the operation rules and regulations is crucial in the safe transportation of chemicals. tmt provides reasonable and safe protection in every aspect of transportation, including the road pavement, safe chute guarantee, special channels assurance and systems application etc. the high-quality temperature control equipment also helps us improving our ability to operate the chemicals.
    tmt can also provide our customer with the full tracing service of chemicals transportation and the project operation report, to eventually realize the real-time control and timely adjustment of both goods and transportation routes.

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