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industry solutions

tailor-made solution

industry solutions tailor-made solution

to provide our customers with the integrated one-stop tailor-made logistics solution.

  • customized freight services covering multi-industries & multi-regions

    no matter what industry or what region the clients’ consignments come from , tmt is always able to provide the right loading & unloading proposal together with the total transportation solution (even for the special cargoes), and carry out the professional logistics service for our customer.

  • customized whole-journey transport route of logistics

    tmt can offer our customer with the most detailed logistics solution, in which the whole-journey transportation routes was worked out by integrating our existing best resources and the cargo feature.

  • customized support of one-stop operation

    we have an experienced logistics team with abundant logistics network and partners' support. under the premise of high-quality resources integration, we would set up a dedicated transport project team and provide the client with one-stop transport operation service.

  • customized control on cost & transit time

    tmt always focuses on providing our clients with the sustainable logistics solution, which will continuously improving the cost & time efficiency.

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