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cross-border multi-modal transportation

service products cross-border multi-modal transportation

multi-modal transportation is a relatively high-level and complex operation form of cargo transport, especially in the international transport segment, which has the unparalleled advantages over the traditional single-mode transport. cross-border multi-modal transportation centralizes the characteristics of various transport modes and optimizes a coherent transport to simplify the cargo traffic turnover, reduce the cargo damage and cut down the transportation costs. the main features of multi-modal transportation are:

  • unified responsibilities & simple procedures
  • less intermediary links, reduced transit time & cargo damage, improved service quality
  • reduced costs to stimulate trade growth
  • effective way and favorable basis for realizing “door-to-door" direct transportation

tmt provides the customer with logistics solution specialized in international multimodal transportation by cross-border railway.

through our continuous efforts during the past two decades, currently tmt enjoys the market reputation as a well-known cross-border multimodal logistics service provider on the international transport field, with its service products covering multimodal rail transportation, multimodal truck transportation, sea-rail transportation and sea-truck transportation. our multi-functional and all-round service platform makes tmt outstanding and serves as the solid foundation of the business cooperation between tmt and our large-scale famous customers.

the main business coverage of tmt cross-border multimodal transportation

  • westbound

    from china domestic major cities to mongolia, central asia, russia and other cis countries, afghanistan, north korea, asean countries and european countries via the chinese land ports by cross-border rail transportation

  • eastbound

    from cis countries, russia, central asia, europe, mongolia and asean countries to china via the chinese land ports by cross-border rail transportation

the land border stations that tmt has service for cross-border road transportation:

manzhouli/zabaikalsk (to russia); suifenhe/grodekovo (to russia); dandong/xinujiu (to north korea); erlian/dzhaminuud (to mongolia); alashankou/dostyk (to central asia and russia); khorgos/altynkol (to central asia and russia); pinxiang/langson (to vietnam);

transport equipment

provide standard all size containers, open-top wagon, top-covered wagon, platform railcar, tank container, over-weight and over-gauge cargo railcar;

service type

  • professional railway service for over-weight and over-gauge cargo;
  • rail-truck transfer service in all railway border stations;
  • provide container allocation, rail wagon application, cargo-loading, documents preparation, custom declaration, railway bill clearing, way bill fill in, warehouse, cargo centralization, trucking, transfer service;
  • high-efficient and accurate cargo status tracking service;

tmt international multimodal railway transportation service includes:

  • fragmented transportation
    of container & rail-wagon in
    domestic & oversea areas

  • real time cargo tracing
    in transit

  • specialized container
    reinforced lock to
    guarantee cargo safety

  • customs declaration &
    inspection, loading monitor
    on operation layout

  • operation documents

sop of tmt international multimodal railway transportation service includes:

  • accept consignment and sign multimodal transport contract;
  • dispatch and pick up empty containers;
  • export declaration;
  • pack and deliver cargos;
  • arrange the transportation process;
  • buy transport insurance for cargos;
  • organize the total transportation;
  • fulfill the customs transfer procedure;
  • deliver cargos to destination
  • cross-border sea-rail multimodal transportation

    from southeast asia, japan, korea, the united states and other areas to mongolia, central asia and russia through china by sea-rail transport via chinese coastal ports
    from china & southeast asia to the russian far east region through vladivostok by sea-rail transport services
  • cross-border block train & scheduled train transportation

    tmt has an experienced operation team which can directly connect with european inland railway stations. in the case of stable departures, steady transit times and reasonable transportation costs, tmt offers cargo pick-up and local distribution service at destination as to realize the "door-to-door" transport. at the same time, professional westbound lcl service and eastbound block train services are also provided by tmt. we promise to guarantee the customers’ interests by our proper insurance system, and offer the real-time cargo information in transit.

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