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hsse management

hsse hhsse management

the proper and clarified responsibility assignment is completed under tmt hsse system, the different levels of staff, supervisor, manager, hsse manager, board members & top management team are covered.

  • staff

    obey the rules of tmt hsse policies

    report the possible risk to supervisor

    propose the improvement plan on work place safety

    assist the colleague and other 3rd party personnel to work safely

  • supervisor

    integrate the hsse rules and procedures into daily operation and training program

    ensure the correct execution of all related hsse regulations and procedures

    strive to set up the organizational cohesion that ensures the company's productivity and quality standards

  • manager

    guide the hsse work in both responsible and other departments

    provide the assistance and support managers & head office staff to ensure the hsse goals are properly met

    continuously improve the performance of both department and the company

    encourage employees to proactively report and improve the overall safety condition

  • hsse manager

    ensure that the company's hsse-related work is consistent with the company's hsse vision, policies, and annual goals

    achieve hsse goals through management tools and collaboration with suppliers and customers

  • board & top management team member

    provide the necessary resources for manager as to maintain the continuous improvement of hsse

    analyze the hsse related performance and set rewards to encourage employee, confirm the staff enthusiasm for complying with hsse specifications and procedures be well-kept

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