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hsse management

hsse hhsse management

the chemical logistics and transportation services must be conducted under relevant regulations and policies. special requirements on chemical product regarding the handling method, storage tool and container are proposed during the transportation. therefore, strictly following the hsse standards of “health, safety, security, and environmental protection” and creating & maintaining a safe and sound working environment for both internal and external customers are of crucial importance to tmt.

under the tmt hsse guidelines, the company set up the relevant operating procedures as:

  • formally appoint the safety consultant for dangerous chemicals according to relevant legal requirements
  • draft and submit the relevant reports on the company's dangerous goods transport business to the management yearly according to relevant legal requirements
  • determine the approach taken to ensure the integrity of hazardous product information
  • set up and maintain the “records of dangerous goods”, “list of dangerous goods declaration information” and “name list of dangerous goods”
  • conduct the assessment on occupational health hazards for all dangerous goods transportation business before cargo loading
  • deliver the hsse relevant training for all employees involved in the transport of dangerous goods
  • take the safety protection measures for staff as to ensure the good condition of high-value dangerous goods
  • strictly protect the owner's information of dangerous goods

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