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hsse management

hsse hhsse management

shanghai tieyang multimodal transportation co., ltd. will protect the health, safety, and security of all employees and contractors at work, and will continue to reduce any potential risk. all of our staff will do their utmost to protect individuals, colleagues and third-party personnel from possible dangers and injuries caused by work and regard this as our prior responsibility and obligation.

in terms of environmental protection, we will continue to take the initiative to take responsibility for promoting environmental protection and comply with the basic principles of environmental protection legislation.

while providing our customers with outstanding chemical logistics services, we’re committed to continuously improve the hsse management system, follow the corresponding principles and strive to fulfill our responsibilities, in order to repay society and pay back the customers’ trust. we believe the sustainability of the company’s development will be guaranteed by all of our efforts.

all tmt staff have the responsibility and obligation to practice the company hsse policies whenever and wherever during the daily work. proper hsse management system is the foundation for tmt to serve our customers and achieve sustainable development. we firmly believe that any risks and accidents are predictable and avoidable.

shanghai tieyang multimodal transportation co., ltd. hereby solemnly promises to:

  • guide our actions to meet or exceed all applicable hsse laws, regulations and standards
  • establish the internal hsse assessment benchmarks and systems based on market leading standards
  • guide our daily work based on the relevant hsse knowledge
  • promote the positive hsse company culture, and share the hsse experience with employees on a regular basis
  • encourage the optimization of hsse, and practically act the hsse policies in company
  • encourage employees to report recent negligence and positively intervene in unsafe behavior
  • give priority to hsse principles when conducting business
  • according to tmt hsse management policy, address and resolve the potential risks systematically

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