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electronics are characterized by technology-intensive products. with the development of the times, the size of electronic components has become finer and the circuit boards have become more sophisticated and complicated. therefore, the requirements on external environment during transportation of electronic products such as circuit boards and complete sets with high added value are keep increasing. in the field of electronic product transportation, considering the characteristics of fragile and sensitive on external collision & temperature difference, how to properly package the electronic products in the transportation process and handle the circulation links such as transportation, loading and unloading, are the essential actions be taken to avoid the mechanical and physical damage of electronics and ensure the final delivery.

areas of concern when transporting electronic products

  • damp-proof
  • dust-proof
  • anti-oxidation
  • anti-static
  • anti-collision
  • shock-proof

with the deepening of international economy globalization, the product delivery time of the electronics industry is facing with tremendous pressures of both time and cost. tmt profoundly understands the significance of these pressures. therefore, our logistics solutions and services provided to customers are all focusing on optimizing the transportation process and reducing the customer's logistic costs. on the premise of guaranteeing the safety of goods during the transportation process, we keep increasing the transportation efficiency as much as possible and improving the circulation speed of customer’s supply chain.

some of the largest and fastest-growing fortune 500 technology companies manage their global supply chains by using tmt’s transportation services. these companies are constantly proposing new demands and goals caused by the volatile market environment. tmt has the characteristics of “customer first” and flexible service features in daily operation and provides the appropriate improvement plan with optimized logistics solutions to meet the update transport requirement. on the basis of meeting the transportation needs of customers in electronics industry, tmt continuously creates more efficient solutions to customers and helps them obtaining better and more favorable resources in their niche market.

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