tmt 3rd session of the 8th board meeting was sucessfully held-j9九游会登录

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tmt 3rd session of the 8th board meeting was sucessfully held

categories:company newsdate:2020-12-25

shanghai tieyang multi-modal transport co., ltd. held the company 3rd session of the 8th board meeting in shanghai.

representatives of tmt's three shareholders participated the annual meeting on december 23, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. in the conference room of the tmt head office. at the meeting, the board of directors discussed the analysis of tmt's operation and performance in 2019 and 2020. combining with the changes in the current international political and economic situation and the current status of the cross-border transportation market of china-european express, the board made a prediction of the development direction of the international railroad logistics market in 2021, and adjusted the strategic development policy of the enterprise accordingly, so as to  establish a solid foundation for further developing the logistics service product that fits the market demand.

in addition, the three shareholders had an in-depth discussion on the renewal of the joint venture operation contract of tmt, which was scheduled to expire in july 2021, and reached a consensus on the extension of the operation period of the joint venture.

in order to further improve the efficiency of communication between chinese and foreign shareholders and to ensure that shareholders have a better grasp of the company business and management situation in real time, so that they can focus on providing appropriate resources to support the company in a targeted manner, it was decided at this meeting the previous system of tmt biannual board meetings will be resumed starting from 2021. according to the schedule, the next board meeting is expected to be held at the end of march 2021.

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