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overseas export shipping project of fully assembled vehicles from south china to italy by shanghai tieyang

categories:business informationdate:2023-02-10

during the chinese new year holiday of 2023, shanghai tieyang (tmt) has successfully shipped a batch of new energy vehicles belonging to a famous customer in south china with strong support  from maersk (the foreign shareholder of tmt). the cargo was exported by sea from shekou to italy by flat rack.

the new energy vehicles were transported under cif terms, with the agreed delivery time before the chinese new year. the cargoes are not only out-of-gauge but also of  high value,so there’s certain difficulty in cargo packing and loading. at the same time, the new energy car carries its own lithium battery, which is classified as dangerous goods in transportation. the whole procedures at the transit chain are time-sensitive due to above reasons. after the communication between tmt and maersk team, according to the market conditions of transportation before the new year holiday, we proposed the solution that the cargo being stowed below by flat rack as to meet the customer's requests of  shipping schedule, cargo safety and transportation timeliness as a whole. considering the surge of booking for flat rack across south china area and the comprehensiveness from local operation services  near the holiday, the route from shekou to genoa was finally settled, with the time limit of about 36 days.

cargo transporting into the yard

the project was launched at end 2022 to early 2023. due to the seasonal resources shortage in market and the surge in vehicle export, it was difficult to coordinate the ro-ro ship space in a short time, which serves as the preferred traditional transportation mode for vehicle cargo. meanwhile, as approaching the holiday, we were facing with multiple adverse conditions including  lack of drivers, operators and  yard in south china , and  the continued shortage of flat rackresource in the market. when all the corresponding parties worked overtime to carry out the series of pre-shipment operations, we received a notice that the shipping schedule was delayed to the middle of the holiday. we had no choice but to adjust the plan as to make sure the cargo entering port terminal in advance. however, the terminal was almost fully occupied at that time. after maersk team applied at multiple levels for several times, the terminal assisted moving our cargoes to gate-in terminal before the holiday, which eventually ensure the smooth packing, loading and shipping procedures.

cargo entering the terminal

in the process of transportation implementation, from the preliminary coordination stage to the start of the project, tmt team offered the 7*24hours standby service for our customers while kept communication with the customer's business department, maersk's customer service department, local south china suppliers, yard operators and freight insurance agents, etc. in the process of cargo consolidation in the yard, we repeatedly discussed with the customer according to our historical similar experience, and finally developed the consolidation plan with lowest risk, and efficiently connected with the documentary verification transmission; furthermore, during cargo insurance supplier selection, due to the high value of whole vehicle, our original insurance failed to cover the project, after multiple selection, comparisons and analysis, we finally chose the right supplier to complete the insurance; in the process of exchanging information among multiple suppliers and procedures in operation, tmt team show our efficient control on process, which reflecting the professional standards and capabilities, and finally offer our customers the outstanding service experience with professionalism.

the cargo was packing and reinforcing in the yard

relying on the resource advantage of our shareholder maersk, tmt guarantees the available containers for our customers, provides innovative shipping logistics solutions of flat rack, arranges shipping schedules to meet customers' needs, ensures enough shipping space and provides professional container reinforcement solutions under the challenging market environment.

maersk, as the market leader in global shipping logistics, is the foreign shareholder of tmt and fully supports tmt's business development. without the  coordination and communication on all aspects of this project from maersk's sales and customer service teams , we may not  achieve our goal as smooth shipping; at the same time, maersk also provides tmt with guidance and training in obtaining maersk's information support, and arranges related professionals to give instructions for the project, which finally eliminate the uncertainty of both tmt team and the final customer.

the flat rack ocean freight project provides the customer with a new idea of transportation and this specific mode will be used as reference for their further transportation needs. tmt team's capability on organizing and coordinating all related parties during the transport process, as well as offering proper logistics emergency plan and strong transportation control ability, had achieving the positive feedback from our customer. the advantageous shipping routes from tmt shareholder maersk has also become the powerful resources for shanghai tieyang multi-modal transportation company.

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