tmt won the title of "2022 national advanced logistics enterprise" from the china transportation association-j9九游会登录

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tmt won the title of "2022 national advanced logistics enterprise" from the china transportation association

categories:company newsdate:2023-12-04

on october 19th 2023, the “9th china international logistics development conference and china (linyi) international trade and logistics development conference” was held in linyi, shandong. the china transportation association announced the results of the “2022 national advanced logistics enterprise selection”, at this conference, shanghai tieyang multi-modal transportation co,. ltd (tmt) was awarded the title of "2022 national advanced logistics enterprise".

the national advanced logistics enterprise selection is a national logistics industry evaluation and recognition project approved and established by the national evaluation and recognition coordination group. the selection process is organized by the china transportation association and conducted every two years. the evaluation standard covers enterprise business scale, development effectiveness, service level, etc. the authority and professionalism of the election are widely recognized by logistics industry.

tmt was awarded the title of "2022 national advanced logistics enterprise" due to its compliance with the development direction and policy requirements advocated by the country for the logistics industry in terms of logistics services, technology, and management system, and tmt’s evaluation indicators reaching the domestic advanced level during the same period.

as a professional international multimodal transportation logistics service provider specializing in cross-border railway transportation, tmt provides customers with comprehensive logistics solutions for various transportation corridors including china- central asia, china - europe and china - southeast asia etc. after years of deep cultivation in relevant business sectors such as the transportation of china railway express (cre), container equipment management of cre, lcl business of cre, and import and export logistics of china-laos and china-vietnam block trains, tmt has established an advanced and complete domestic and international logistics network, with professional and senior team resources to ensure the provision of optimal transportation solutions and efficient logistics services to customers; at the same time, tmt actively adapts to the market changes, establishes a rapid response feedback mechanism, develops emergency response plans, and ensures tmt's strong transportation control ability in the entire logistics service.

shanghai tieyang multimodal transportation co., ltd. will continue to actively respond to the national "the belt and road" development strategy, constantly improve the quality of service products, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to create sustainable value for customers, industry and society.

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