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[manzhouli - asia - europe intercontinental highway] shanghai tieyang launches cross-border highway express service

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at 8:00 am on may 12th, german local time, three refrigerated vans loaded with electric scooters arrived in bremen, germany. after customs clearance, the cargoes continued to set off and arrived at the destination in bavaria the next day.

this batch of cargo was transported by the “manzhouli-asia-europe intercontinental highway expressbusiness launched by shanghai tieyang multi-modal transportation co,. ltd. on april 20th. the electric scooters contain batteries. more than 900 pieces of goods carried by three sets of 13-meter high-bar trucks were sent directly to manzhouli highway port from jinhua factory after loading.

cargo loading

the vehicles are ready to go after cargo loading in factory.

on april 25th, the vehicles arrived at the manzhouli highway port. in view of the low temperature in russia, the large temperature difference in various regions, and the high temperature sensitivity of battery, the cargoes were reloaded into the refrigerated vans at port as to adapt to the extreme climate in russia.

the vehicles arrived at manzhouli highway port

the reloading site of manzhouli port

the refrigerated van used by tmt

on the morning of april 28th, the vehicles left china via manzhouli, passing through russia, belarus, poland and arrived at its destination on may 13th, taking 22 days for the whole journey.

in order to ensure the smooth launch of the “manzhouli-asia-europe intercontinental highway express” service, tmt integrated the domestic and foreign logistics network resources, reasonably arranged the transportation plans, executed the real-time understanding of cargo declaration, cargo loading and tracking, and dispatched the team to the reloading site in advance for supervising the on-site operation, while improved the service chain to meet the urgent transportation needs of customers in a timely manner.

the picture shows the whole-journey track of “asia-europe intercontinental highway express” service

as a full-course logistics service provider specializing in international multimodal transport with focus on cross-border railways, shanghai tieyang has been continuously cultivating the china-europe railway express and multimodal transport market under the “belt and road” initiative. as the covid-19 epidemic continues to spread around the world, the international transportation system and channels have been repeatedly impacted, and the international supply chain has been greatly affected; at the same time, the cross-border rail transportation market has ushered in a new situation. however, the huge cargo volume flowing from the sea freight transport market has affected the rail freight capacity to a certain extent. overlapping the global shortage of containers continues, the congestion has appeared in some railway import and export ports.

the transportation of goods is always inseparable from road transportation. the production and sales of all commodities in the world are inseparable from the "first and last one kilometer" road transportation. based on the current international logistics market situation, tmt flexibly utilizes its own logistics network resources to formulate the efficient, fast and safe transportation solutions according to customer needs. the opening of the "manzhouli-asia-europe intercontinental highway express line" service, as an available route of international supply chain and an effective supplement to cross-border railway transportation under the current special market situation, has greatly saved time cost and solved part of the potential business risks for customers.  

at this stage, the "china domestic city - manzhouli - europe/russia" intercontinental highway express service provided by tmt can accept both battery-carrying and general dangerous goods, meanwhile, the whole-journey gps tracking service is available. in terms of the transit time, at the initial stage of operation, the route status was relatively ideal with overall efficiency of about 20 days. however, as the cargo volume on the route is gradually saturated, the overall transit time is expected to be extended to about 30 days, and the port stay is expected to be extended by 7-10 days compared with the low season.

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