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successful cases

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service type

domestic food transportation by rail

project overview

from 2015, tmt started to transport the foods for mcdonald’s group in china domestic areas.

based on the transportation requirements proposed by havi group (greater china), tmt attaches great importance to the control of transit time, on-way food quality maintenance and rail container concentration during the transportation process.

the cooperation with mcdonald’s/havi served as a remarkable breakthrough for the tmt’s transportation service on foods logistics.

project route

beijing line(guangzhou-beijing)
block train frequency: 5-6 fleets/week
transit time: 5 days

shanghai line(guangzhou-shanghai)
block train frequency: 4 fleets/week
transit time: 5 days

chengdu line(guangzhou-chengdu)
daily scheduled container train
transit time: 8 days

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